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XC Race

Spots are limited! There will be a cap of 120 racers for the XC race. Each adult lap will be about 9 miles and the Kids race will be 1 lap around Double Dog (3 miles). The map will be released closer to the event but it will encompass the whole Boyne Forest Trail system!

Sat, Aug 17
S'mores (Open Class - 2/3 laps)

Sat, Aug 17
Chocolate Graham (Sport Class - 1 lap)

Sat, Aug 17
Marshmallow (Kids Class - 3 miles)

Peanut Butter & Jump Jam

Although this will not be an "official" event, the Jump Jam is going to be a highlight of the weekend. You'll be able to watch the XC race as it wraps around the DH trails - one of the most unique race views in Michigan. TOMMBA and FlowTrack have built some sweet jumps/drops/berms that you'll be able to session during the race. These trails will be open all day to anyone looking to get some air and cheer on racers passing by!

Field Trip Bike Clinic

Spots are limited! Learn from certified instructions during a one-day bike clinic to sharpen your skills! The clinic will start with one hour of bike fundamentals, followed by three hours of on-trail training. Groups will be small and personalized!

Clinic will have two groups:

Group 1 - Focused on beginner fundamentals, cornering, line choice, and more.

Group 2 - Focused on intermediate level learning to read the trail and technical riding.

*Group two will ride the Boyne Forest Trail Expert Loop*

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